#6: Recipe of the Week

French lentil and swiss chard risotto
Last night I tackled Martha Stewart’s French Lentil and Swiss Chard Risotto. This was a really delicious recipe. My sister-in-law recommended this one, and it really intrigued me because it involved a large amount of our CSA box’s weekly veggies, and it gave me the opportunity to try two things I have never had before: leeks and lentils. I made the recipe as written, with the exception of using vegetable stock instead of chicken stock (why ruin a perfectly good vegetarian recipe?). With the combination of the rice and lentils, this makes a hearty dish for a main course. The texture was creamy, and the lentils provided a good contrast. I think I definitely prefer kale to Swiss chard, and next time I make this, I will probably go that route instead. The only downside to this recipe was the time. It took about 90 minutes start to finish, and it was all busy time due to the fact that the recipe requires constant stirring (and they mean constant, it instantly bonds to the bottom of the pan otherwise). This was not making me happy when I miscalculated the cooking time and I was trying to finish before Survivor started! Overall, I would definitely make this again, but I would save it for a weekend when I have a little extra time.


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