#12: Host a Holiday Dinner Party

I’ve put the wheels in motion this week to have a holiday dinner party.  I’ve invited my parents, grandparents, sister, sister’s fiance, and Joe’s parents and sister.  Everyone will be coming to our house Dec. 8.  I’m really excited – last holiday season I was a little upset because we end up going to everyone else’s houses, but no one comes to ours (due to our lack of children and toys).  It felt like we did a lot of work to decorate and prepare for the season, and no one was there to enjoy it except us.  I’m starting menu planning now, because with class and work, I’m looking for some things I can make ahead.  I’d also like to try to make some new things, so I’d like to have a chance to make them at least once before I dare feed them to others.  So far, I’m thinking:

1. Appetizers – crab rangoon, cookie tray, and some sort of dip
2. Salad
3. Main course – still considering
4. Sides – green been casserole, cranberry salad, sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes, rolls
5. Dessert – pecan pie, another type of pie or cake…my mom likes graham cracker creme, but I’ll have to figure that one out, and cookies

I also think I’m going to make hot cider and homemade hot chocolate, and my candy cane marshmallows.  I’m still going through my recipe books trying to find some good things, I want this to be really special for my family.  We have a TON of work to do at the house before it’s presentable enough to have everyone over on the 8th.  There is definitely a Home Depot trip on the agenda for this weekend!


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