New Year: Make Goals, Not Resolutions

I ran across the idea recently that for the new year, we should make goals, not resolutions.  This hit home with me, and reminded me of my 101 goals project.  My resolutions tend to be over-zealous – Never drink soda again! Get my body fat percentage down to 15%!  These don’t work.  I’m not setting any resolutions this year, just goals.  I’m using my 101 goals project to guide me through this.  Mondays will include a posting outlining my goals for the week.  These are my mini-goals to accomplish my larger goals within my 101 project.  I’ll continue updating my progress throughout the week on any completed mini-goals and completed 101 goals.  I hope you’ll stick with me throughout 2008, and even start a 101 goals project of your own!  (And I realize today is already Wednesday, but due to the holiday, I’ve been away from a computer for a time…so this week we’re starting on Wednesday ;))

My goals for the week 01/01:

1. Start a budget for 2008 in Quicken
2. Run on Wednesday/Friday/Sunday, and do yoga on Thursday/Saturday.
3. Work on my quilt
4. Set up my new sewing area

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