Running Log

Welcome to my running log! My long-term goal is to finish a half-marathon within the next 1001 days (and counting down). My short term goal is to (re)complete the C25K plan.


Miles: 2
Total Miles: 28.7
Notes: Today was W6D1 of the C25K.  Although there were some walk-breaks in the middle of this one, and not a straight run, like I did last time, I found it to be more difficult.  I know there are always up days and down days, and today was a down day.  I made it all the way through, but it was definitely a struggle and I felt like I was ready to die at the end :).  But…I’m done, it feels good, and next time it’s on to W6D2!


Miles: 2
Total Miles: 26.7
Notes: Today was W5D3 of C25K.  I’m almost done!  Today was the run to get over the hump – 20 straight minutes of running.  It wasn’t so bad, and I had to push through…but I made it all the way.  I didn’t slow down the treadmill at all, and I didn’t walk, so I was happy!

01/30/2008 – Catch up update!

Miles: 7.5 (C25K W4D1 – W5D2)
Total Miles: 24.7
Notes: I’ve been trucking along with the C25k. Classes restarted, so that is taking up a lot of weekend time (and blog updating time!). Everything is going well with running. I’ve been doing the Biggest Loser Cardo Max DVD on the days I don’t run, and I think that additional workout has been really improving my running as well.


Miles Today: 1.4
Total Miles: 17.2 Miles (I missed a day in here somewhere, so this is adding my last 2 runs)
Notes: Today I did W3D3 of the C25k. It was easy-peasy, which I guess is a good sign. I’ve been keeping up well with exercising at least 5 days a week, and I’m starting to see improvements. We’ll see if I can continue this week, as class starts up again, which means I lose my free time in the evenings twice a week, and most of the day on Sunday for homework. At least there is no math this semester :).


Miles Today: 1.4
Total Miles: 14.4
Notes: Today I started W3 of the C25K. I was sore from doing a tough yoga practice on Sunday, but I got through and I’m ready to push on to W3D2…probably on Thursday 1/10 this week.


Miles Today: 1.35
Total Miles: 13.0
Notes: Today was W2D3 of the C25k. I wasn’t really feeling like a run today, but I got through the run. All is well and I’m pushing forward to W3!


Miles today: 1.35
Total Miles: 11.65
Time: 25 minutes
Notes: I missed a few days logging because of the holidays (I was avoiding the computer like the plague!). Today was W2D2. It went well, I enjoyed the run. I popped in a Prison Break episode while I ran, and watching Michael and Lincoln run all over the place inspired me to keep going too ;).


Miles Today: 1.35
Total Miles: 6.25
Time: 20 minutes
Notes: So it’s been a while…running had to get put on the bottom of list in order to finish up the semester. My business statistics class kicked my butt, and it was more important to pass that class than exercise. Now I’m ready to recommit. I started the C25K over again, and did W1D1 last night. It was tough, I think because I was hungry. I’m ready to start fresh!


Miles Today: 1.75
Total Miles: 4.9
Time: 25 minutes
Comments: W1D3 of C25K. I did NOT feel like running today, but I was already a day behind, so I did it anyway. I’m glad I forced myself to now, I can have a free night for a nice dinner and a movie with Joe.


Miles today: 1.4
Total Miles: 3.15
Time: 20 minutes
Comments: W1D2 of C25K. Still feeling good…I forgot how good it feels after working out.


Miles Today: 1.75
Total Miles: 1.75
Time: 25 minutes
Comments: W1D1 of C25K. It feels good to get back into running! It wasn’t so bad. I hopped on the treadmill, and watched the first 30 minutes of the new Pearl Jam DVD. Good stuff.


One response to “Running Log

  1. The c25k is on my list,too. I’ll have to wait until the weather is warmer to start again. Good luck!

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